Forli is a city in the region of Emilia-Romagna in northeastern Italy, located on the banks of the Via Emilia. 

The town was first settled around 100 BC, though exact dates are much debated among historians.

Today, Forli is known for its iconic square, education, agriculture, and architecture.

People Born in Forli

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Forli in People's Lives

Anthony of Padua: I came here in 1222, after being rejected from entering a friary in Assisi due to my sickly appearance. Still recovering from a grave illness that I had contracted in Morocco, I was taken to a hospital here just outside the city. The hospice was in need of a priest to say Mass for the Franciscan friars, which I volunteered to do. I settled into a humble existance working in the kitchens. Aside from reciting mass, I became known as a hermit and a loner. I lived in a cave outside the hospital, devoting myself to prayer and study. It was an appreciated time of isolation and cleansing for me. After a few months of living in this way, there was to be a banquet between the Dominicans and the Franciscans at the abbey hospital. Both groups assumed that the other would have a sermon prepared, and so in the end, discovered that they had no one to preach. The superior asked me to give the sermon, and though I objected, everyone agreed that I should be the one to speak. Reluctantly, I went up in front of everyone and said whatever words God placed in my heart. My sermon made a resounding impression, and the priests were moved by my knowledge, passion, and arresting manner of speaking, graceful eloquence, and my deep, rich voice. It was immediately understood by all that I had a divine gift, and was to serve a higher calling. My days tending kitchen fires ended, and I was sent by the Minister Provincial himself to preach in Bologna.

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