Rooftop view in Florence
Florence is the capitol of the Tuscany region. The city was founded in 80 B.C. as a settlement for veteran soldiers, and rose to wealth and prominence during the middle ages. Its golden age was during the Renaissance, which truly belonged to Florence more than any other city. It became a patron destination of the arts, gaining a name for itself as one of the wealthiest, most beautiful, most cultured cities in all the world: a reputation that it still has today.

People Born in Florence

Dante Alighieri

Florence Nightingale

John Singer Sargent

Niccolo Machiavelli

Florence in People's Lives

Kanye West: I married my longtime friend Kim Kardashian here in May of 2014, in a lavish private ceremony at the Fort di Belvedere.

Mamah Borthwick: After deciding to leave both of our spouses in Chicago and run away to Europe together, my lover Frank Lloyd Wright and I traveled here in 1909. During our year in Europe, this city was our base, from which we traveled. I was happily, blissfully in love.

Sophie Dahl: As a teenager, I dreamed of traveling to this city and studying art history. "I wanted to walk around a market with a basket bursting full of figs and cherries in a Sophia Loren dress." However, due to my parent's complete disapproval of this plan, my days as an art history student never took place. Instead, I came to this city around 1999 for modeling work.

Viggo Mortensen: I traveled here in 1995 to film scenes for the movie The Portrait of a Lady.

Vinnie Ream: I traveled here in 1868, as a highly accomplished young sculptress.

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