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Flavia Titiana was briefly the Empress of Rome in 193 AD, or, "the year of five emperors." She was the wife of Emperor Pertinax.

Full Name Flavia Titiana
Who Empress of Rome
Birth Date 135 AD
Death Date sometime after 194 AD
Country Italy
Father Titus Flavius Claudius Sulpicianus
Mother unknown
Spouse Pertinax

Publio Elvio Pertinace

unknown daughter


Titiana was the wife of Pertinax, a self-made military man who later became Emperor of Rome for a short time. His newfound power, however, made her a widow, as he was assassinated by members of his guard after an 83-day reign. She and her children were not harmed.


Rome, Italy - Likely lived most of life here. Ruled as empress here, 193 AD.


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