Farsala is a small town in the region of Thessaly in central Greece.

An ancient town, it was a powerful and wealthy city of the Mycenean Empire and later of the Greek Empire. Today, it is primarily known for its ancient history, as well as for its agriculture, textiles, halva, and Roma Gypsy population.

People Born in Farsala

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Farsala in People's Lives

Julius Caesar: I commanded the Battle of Pharsalus here in 48 BC, battling my rival and former close friend Pompey in the Roman Civil War. My forces crushed the armies of Pompey, who was forced to flee the battle disguised as a common citizen. It was a decisive turning point in my war and obvious rise to power.

Marc Antony: I fought in the Battle of Pharsalus here in 48 BC, alongside Julius Caesar as his second-in-command general, on a defensive stance against the armies of Pompey. This battle was a turning point in the civil war, and increased Caesar's power greatly - a decisive victory. 

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