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Farnham Common is a town in the county of Buckinghamshire in south-central England, located 3 miles north of Slough

It was founded in the 12th Century around a parish church, and was formerly known as "Up End." Today, it is known for its bordering ancient woodland of Burnam Beeches, its large country houses, open spaces, and small town charm.

People Born in Farnham Common

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Farnham Common in People's Lives

Michael Fassbender: I traveled here in 2007 to film scenes of the movie Eden Lake

Paula Hamilton: After having been, so I said, sober for 7 years, I crashed my car into someone's house in 2012, while drunk driving. I lost my two front teeth in the accident, which I did not have replaced immediately, earning me much criticism over my new toothless appearance. However, I told reporters that I was lucky to have escaped losing only two teeth rather than my life.

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