Church of St. Lawrence
Falmer is a tiny village in the county of East Sussex in southeastern England, located between Brighton and Lewes. It is populated by only 280 inhabitants.

It was established as a university for secular priests in 772 AD, which was later changed into Wilton Abbey in 802. It began to be identified as a village in the 11th Century, and was then known as "Falesmere."

Today, Falmer is known for its history, church, rolling English countryside, farmhouses, and university.

People Born in Falmer


Falmer in People's Lives

Ian McEwan: I moved here in 1966 to attend the University of Sussex, at the age of 18. While attending this university, I first developed an interest in writing, and realized that it was the path that I wished to pursue. During this time, I wrote scripts for plays, radio, and television. I moved to Norwich to attend the University of East Anglia for a master's degree in 1970, graduating with a bachelor's degree in literature from Sussex.

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