Chateau de Falaise2
Falaise is a small town in northwestern France, in the region of Normandy. It lies on the River Ante.

The town was established sometime around the 11th Century. Two thirds of it was destroyed during bombings in World War II, and it was majorly rebuilt after the war.

People Born in Falaise

William the Conqueror

Falaise in People's Lives

William the Conqueror: I was born here in 1028, and in 1035, my father passed away while returning from a pilgrimage, and I became a duke at the age of seven. My young age made me a prime target, but the support of the French king kept the kingdom within my grasp. Nothing was ever certain, however - over the next few years, all four of my guardians and caretakers would mysteriously die, one even being assassinated next to me as I slept. Some say that I was occasionally forced to hide in peasant's huts to avoid a similar fate.

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