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Exeter is a town in New Hampshire, located at the confluence of the Exeter and Squamscott Rivers. It was the seat of its county until 1997, when it was moved to Brentwood.

The land of this town was purchased from the Pennacook Native Americans in 1638 by John Wheelwright, who had just been exiled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for religious differences. He founded the town, along with supporting settlers, in the same year, naming it after Exeter, England.

Today, it is known for its history, quaint downtown area, and prestigious children's educational system.

People Born in Exeter

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Exeter in People's Lives

Gore Vidal: I moved here in 1940, at the age of 15, to attend the Phillips Exeter Academy. Despite being fiercely intelligent, I was a cool and indifferent student, and was often bored by life here. I wrote short stories and poems for the Exeter Literary Magazine, and participated in debate. I was a classmate of John Knowles, on whom I made a lasting impression: he would later model the character Brinker Hadley in his book A Seperate Peace on me. I soon began cheating on exams, more for the thrill than for the real need to. Thanks to my cheating, I graduated at the age of 17, in 1942. After this, I left to attend a military school in Lexington, Virginia, despite having been intended by my family to attend Harvard.

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