Exeter cathedral park
Exeter is a city in southern England, best known as the location of the University of Exeter, and for its historic appeal.

The city was originally a trading settlement, dating back to approximately 250 B.C. The Romans took over and re-named the city in 50 A.D.

People Born in Exeter

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Exeter in People's Lives

John Graves Simcoe: I grew up in Exeter, moving here in 1753 when I was a year old. I also died here in 1806.

William the Conqueror: Shortly after being crowned King of England, there was an uprising here in 1067, mainly led and encouraged by the mother of Harold Godwinson. I sailed from Normandy to this city and besieged it, which lasted for 18 days. After the city fell and the rebels were defeated, I ordered a castle built here in order to fortify the area.

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