Eva Braun was the longtime mistress and partner of Adolf Hitler and later, though for only 39 hours, his wife. She worked as a model as a young woman and later as a photographer, most notably as the official photographer of the Nazi Party. A large amount of the surviving photographs and films of Hitler were taken by her. Braun avoided publicity, and never attended events with Hitler until 1944. The Germany public was completely unaware of her existance, or relationship with their Fuhrer, until after their deaths.

Full Name Eva Anna Paula Braun Hitler
Who photographer
Birth Date February 6, 1912
Death Date April 30, 1945
Country Germany
Born Munich, Germany
Died Berlin, Germany
Cause of Death suicide - poisoning
Education n/a
Father Friedrich "Fritz" Braun
Mother Franziska "Fanny" Kronberger Braun
Spouse Adolf Hitler

Ilse Braun

Margarete "Gretl" Braun Fegelein

Children none

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