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Eton is a town in Berkshire, directly across the Thames River from Windsor.

It is best known as the location of the prestigious Eton College. The town is described as more commercial than residential, most of the downtown area populated with businesses for the college's students than with homes.

Eton was established sometime around 1050 as a manor.

People Born in Eton

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Eton in People's Lives

John Graves Simcoe: I attended Eton College here, in approximately 1762.

John Scott-Ellis: I attended Eton College here, in approximately 1925. I was far from a model student, actually being a bad one. I was lazy and felt no motivation, unconcernedly letting my grades slip and even cheating, for which I had no remorse even once caught. Cyril Alington, the headmaster, decided to expell me, but was convinced to change his mind after I tearfully vowed to do better. My parents were enormously disappointed in me, and despaired that I was a completely unremarkable child - a serious problem since I was their only son and heir to an enormous fortune. In a letter to my mother, my father called my grades "uniformly deplorable," and lamented my "lack of ambition and general wooliness of character."

Ralph FiennesI traveled here in 2001 to film scenes of the movie Spider.

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