Esbjerg is a seaport town in western Denmark, the fifth-largest city in the country.

A single house was built in 1660, which still exists today at the corner of Kongensgade. The town grew gradually, mainly being used for farmland, until it was officially established in 1868. Its founding was due to the decision that a Danish harbor was needed to rival the one in Altona, Germany, which the Danish relied upon heavily for  North Sea trade.

Today, Esbjerg is known for its iconic modern sculptures - Man Meets the Sea by Svend Wiig Hansen in 1995 - as well as its maritime atmosphere.

People Born in Esbjerg

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Esbjerg in People's Lives

Viggo Mortensen: Having graduated university and looking to explore my Dutch heritage, I lived here for a time in 1981, where I got a job as a truck driver.

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