Beautiful Erfurt street
Erfurt is the capital city of the state of Thinguria in central Germany. It is home to the oldest synagogue in Europe and one of the oldest universities in Germany.

It was founded in 742 by Saint Boniface as a Roman Catholic diocese, and by the Middle Ages was an important and central German city.

Today, Erfurt is known for its architecture, dozens of historic churches, downtown, history, university, logistics economy, Christmas market and holiday lights, and bridges.

People Born in Erfurt

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Erfurt in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: I attended the Congress of Erfurt here in 1808, seeking to renew the peace treaty that I had made last year at Sovetsk with Alexander I of Russia. Despite getting along marvelously well and coming to admire each other last year, Russia had been straining in our time of peace, and seemed on the brink of attack. My diplomats and I attempted to soothe the Russian tsar, though we were unaware that one of our fellow diplomats, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Perigord, was secretly advising Alexander against agreeing to my conditions. By the end of the congress, Alexander and I successfully renewed a treaty.

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