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Epsom is a town in the county of Surrey in southern England, about 13 miles south-west of London. It was first settled around the 8th Century, and was called Ebba's Ham in Anglo-Saxon times.

Today, Epsom is known for its quality of living, history and ruins, education, and - most famously - as the location of Epsom Downs, an internationally renowned center for horse racing.

People Born in Epsom

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Epsom in People's Lives

Isabella Beeton: I grew up here, living here from about 1840 - 1856. My mother relocated here after my father died to marry a new husband, who worked here as a clerk at the Epsom Racecourse. I was the oldest of 17 siblings and 4 more stepsisters, and spent most of my days growing up babysitting, cleaning, and managing our busy, crowded household. Growing up this way gave me confidence and purpose in writing my future household manual. While on a visit back to London, my mother introduced me to a son of her friend, who had been born and grown up on the very same street that I had been born on. From Epsom, we wrote each other and began courting. We married at St. Martin's Parish Church here, in 1856. My stepfather refused to attend the ceremony, highly disapproving of Samuel.

Nell Gwyn: I traveled here on a holiday in 1667 with Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset, during my short time as his mistress. Charles Sedley, 5th Baronet, also accompanied us.