Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum is an American actress and occasional singer and songwriter. She is known for her roles in the films The Phantom of the OperaMystic River, and for her role in the TV series Shameless

Full Name Emmanuelle Grey Rossum
Who actress
Birth Date September 12, 1986
Born Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
Country United States
Education Columbia University
Father unknown
Mother Cheryl Rossum

Justin Siegel

Sam Esmail (engaged)

Siblings none
Children none


Rossum is related through marriage to Vera Wang - Wang was married to one of Rossum's cousins.

Rossum was in a relationship with Topher Grace from 2005 - 2007.

Rossum nearly missed the audition for The Phantom of the Opera due to a family situation. She ended up just barely making it, and was the last to audition. The casting directors were so impressed, they requested that she give a second, private audition for Andrew Lloyd Webber in his home. She landed the part.

Rossum dated Adam Duritz, the frontman of the band Counting Crows, from 2009 - 2010. 

Rossum was in a relationship with Tyler Jacob Moore from 2011 - 2013.

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