Emden is a town in the state of Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany, on the River Ems. It has existed since at least the 8th Century.

Today, it is known for its canals and riverfront layout.

People Born in Emden

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Emden in People's Lives

William Penn: I visited this town while on a Quaker missionary  voyage in 1678. Here, I met the widow of a Quaker reverend who had been persecuted and hounded so dreadfully on account of his faith, along with his meager congregation, that he had died in stressful agony, terrified about what the town would do to his widowed wife and his church. I listened to this story in horror and exchanged strong words with the mayor of the town. He agreed to attempt to put a stop to the persecution of Quakers. Though he only pledged this halfheartedly, my efforts worked. The town became known as a safe place for Quakers in the area, and as their numbers grew, the town became accustomed to them. Eight years later, in 1686, Quakers were even invited to come stay in this town.

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