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Elmira is a town in southern New York, located on the Chemung River close to the state line of Pennsylvania.

The first European settler was a captain who built a single cabin in Elmira, around 1775. The actual town was established in 1792, then called Newton. The town's name was changed to Elmira in 1808.

Today, Elmira is known for its beautiful houses and villas, river, and frequent flooding.

People Born in Elmira

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Elmira in People's Lives

Rudyard Kipling: After crisscrossing the country in a determined effort to find and catch up to my hero, Mark Twain, I finally found him here in his brother-in-law's home in 1889. My hope of meeting Twain was one of my most compelling reasons for visiting the United States. Happily, I was invited warmly inside by my subject of literary-worship. Twain offered me one of his cigars, and I was enthralled. I confess, if the man had ever put down the cob pipe he himself was smoking, I would have stolen it. We fell into a two-hour talk, during which time we got along splendidly. We discussed copyright difficulties, the future of Tom Sawyer, writing autobiographies, and more. Later, Twain would become a fervent admirer of my own writing as well, saying at age 70 that he read Kim annually, so as to "go back to India without fatigue." Had I known during that visit that my eminent idol would later say such a thing about my books, I would most likely have fainted with pride.

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