Edmund Barton, 1902
Edmund Barton was the first Prime Minister of Australia. Apart from his term in office from 1901 - 1903, he was a revered lawyer, judge, and politician, and the founding father of the High Court of Australia.

Full Name Sir Edmund Barton
Who Prime Minister of Australia
Birth Date January 18, 1849
Death Date January 7, 1920
Country Australia
Born Sydney, Australia
Died Medlow Bath, Australia
Cause of Death heart failure
Education University of Sydney
Father William Barton
Mother Mary Louise Barton
Spouse Jane Mason Ross Barton


Barton met Richard O'Connor at grammar school in Sydney as a young boy, and the two became lifelong friends. Later in their lives, O'Connor served alongside him as a fellow Justice of the High Court.

Barton met George Harris, 4th Baron Harris, while umpiring a cricket match in 1879. The Australian team was matched against an English one, of which Harris was captain. A controversial umpiring decision favoring the home team led to an uproar and following riot, the first in international cricket history. The game became infamous, but Barton's levelheaded rationality won him acclaim and admiration. The match was the talk of Sydney for months.

When running to be a member of the Legislative Assembly of the University of Sydney in 1876, Barton was closely beaten by William Charles Windeyer, who recieved 49 votes to his 43.

Henry Parkes was an admirer and supporter of Barton, and helped him land political careers and posts.

Barton was a colleague of Samuel Griffith, who wrote the text of the Australian Constitution, although it was Barton who carried it through to public attention and relevance.

During a political trip to London in 1900, Barton traveled with colleagues Alfred Deakin and Charles Kingston.

Beginning in 1906, I frequently clashed and feuded with fellow judges Isaac Isaacs and H.B. Higgins.


Sydney, Australia - Born here, 1849. Lived most of life here.

Newcastle, Australia - Met future wife here, 1870.

Wellington, Australia - Served on Legislative Assembly here, 1880 - 1882.

Corowa, Australia - Campaigned here, 1892.

Albury, Australia - Campaigned here, 1892.

London, England, UK - Visited here, 1900 and 1902.

Medlow Bath, Australia - Died here, 1920.

Looks Like - Alec Baldwin

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