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Edinburgh is the capitol of Scotland and its second largest city. It is located at the convergence of the River Forth into the North Sea.

The area was first settled around 8500 B.C., and the first permanent settlement was a hillfort established in 638 A.D. Today, Edinburgh as being intellectual, historic, and artistic. It hosts the largest arts festival in the world annually. It is the world's first UNESCO City of Literature and annually hosts the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the largest booksale in the world. It is the 2nd most popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom.

People Born in Edinburgh

James VI & I

Edinburgh in People's Lives

James II of England: I traveled here in 1680 to reside in the Palace of Hollyroodhouse while opposition against me died down in the court in London. While here, I also suppressed a northern uprising and became more integrated with Scottish government. I left this city and returned to London in 1683, when I heard that my brother the king, Charles II, was gravely ill. I returned in 1689 to gather supporters, having recently been forced from my throne as King of England and seeking to re-take it back from William III. I gathered Scottish support, but was defeated in battle. After that, I fled Scotland, inviting much scorn from my Scottish supporters that I abandoned and left to the punishment of William III. I was, from that point on, known as "Seamus an Chaca," in Scotland, or, translated, "James the Shitty." I would never return to Scotland or England again.

Mary Todd Lincoln: I visited here with my son Tad in 1869. This was one of my favorite cities, and I thought it so beautiful, it almost ruined all of the other European cities that I saw on the remainder of my trip.

William Shippen: After graduating from Princeton University and studying medicine under my father, I traveled here to attend the University of Edinburgh Medical School from 1757 - 1761. I was only 21 years old when I entered the medical school, and was a doctor by the age of 25. My experiences at the university later inspired me to co-found the first medical school in the United States, the University of Pennsylvania Medical School.


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