Edgartown Lighthouse at sunrise
Edgartown is a small town in the Martha's Vineyard area of southern Massachusetts. Of any town in Martha's Vineyard, it takes up the most area. It is also one of the two oldest towns within Martha's Vineyard.

It was first settled in 1642 as "Great Towne" by a reverend accompanied by a band of families. It was made a town in 1671, and by then renamed "Edgar Towne." It was named in honor of the son of James II of England, who later died at the age of three. It rose to further wealth in the 1800's, when it became a busy whaling port.

Today, Edgartown is known for its pictaresque scenery, lighthouse, sunrises, small town charm, harbor and bay, maritime activities, Gingerbread-style houses, history, whaling heritage, yachting, tourism, and classic Massachusetts Bay Area beauty.

People Born in Edgartown

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Edgartown in People's Lives

Patricia Neal: I died here in 2010 of lung cancer, at the age of 84. I died in my home. I had converted to Christianity four months prior to my death, and was buried at the Abbey of Regina Laudis, where my friend Dolores Hart was a nun, later to become prioress.

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