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East Cowes is a small town on the northern coast of the Isle of Wight, a territory of Great Britain. It is connected to the adjoining town of Cowes by a floating bridge.

It was established under the name of Shamblord in 1303.

Today, the town is famous as the location of Osborne House, for its beaches and waterfront esplanade, and its quiet island lifestyle.

People Born in East Cowes

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East Cowes in People's Lives

John Woodbridge: I visited here in 1647 to be appointed chaplain of commissioners for an English treaty.

Victoria, Queen of England: As a young girl, my mother the Duchess of Kent frequently holidayed here at Norris Castle, and I loved this island. After I became queen, I bought Osborne House here in 1845, along with my husband Albert, seeking a peaceful and quiet place to use as a reprieve from the stress and noise of court. It was directly next-door to Norris Castle, where I had stayed as a girl. Together, Albert and I rebuilt Osborne House to better suit our need for space. Over the years, I stayed here often with my husband and my children. We particularly liked to come in May for my birthday, in July and August for Albert's birthday, and for Christmas. I described Osborne House as "cheerful and un-palacelike." After Albert's death, I continued to love Osborne House and to visit regularly. In 1900, I traveled here to spend Christmas on the island, as had become my tradition. I never left, and in January of 1901, I died here at the age of 81.

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