Dubai is a city-state in the United Arab Emirates, which has in recent years seen a wildfire boom in economy, architecture, and population. It is now known as one of the most expensive, wealthiest cities in the world and a major global power. It is home to the world's tallest building, the world's largest mall, and some of the most ambitious feats of land-reclaimation engineering.

The area of Dubai was first mentioned in history in 1095, and first permanently settled in 1799.

Today, Dubai is recognized as a jewel of the Middle East, known for its strikingly modern architecture, unique hotels and resorts, distinctive skyline, fine dining and shopping, and transportation. It is commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful, luxurious cities in the world.

People Born in Dubai

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Dubai in People's Lives

Magnus Carlsen: I traveled here in 2004 to compete in the Dubai Open Chess Championship, where I was awarded my third and final GM norm. This made me, at the time, the third-youngest person in the world to have ever recieved the GM norm.

Whitney Port: I traveled here in 2012 as a judge for Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model.


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