Downers Grove IL Downtown
Downers Grove is a town in northeastern Illinois, located 20 miles west of Chicago

It was founded in 1832 by a Christian evangelist from upstate New York, and later grew with the building of a schoolhouse in 1844. During the Civil War, there was a strong Abolitionist prescence in the town, and it may have been one of the major stops of the Underground Railroad.

Today, Downers Grove is known for its quaint and pictaresque downtown area, upper middle class and middle class suburban homes, parks and use of trees and greenery in the downtown design, and education system. It is also one of the two locations of Midwestern University.

People Born in Downers Grove

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Downers Grove in People's Lives

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2010 to film scenes of the movie Contagion. We filmed at the Sara Lee Corporation.

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