Donyale Luna portrait
Donyale Luna was an American model and actress, popular during the 1960's. She became the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue in 1966. 

Full Name Peggy Ann "Donyale" Freeman Luna 
Who model
Birth Date August 31, 1945
Death Date May 17, 1979
Country United States
Born Detroit, Michigan, USA
Died Rome, Italy
Cause of Death drug overdose
Education n/a
Father Nathaniel A. Freeman
Mother Peggy Hertzog Freeman
Spouse Luigi Cazzaniga
Siblings unknown
Children Dream Cazzaniga


Luna was favored by Richard Avedon. When she first began modeling, he placed her under a year-long exclusive contract.

Beverly Johnson was an acquaintance of Luna's, but could not understand her. In an interview, Johnson said that Luna "made it hard for herself" because of her extreme eccentricity - saying that if you asked Luna where she was from, she would say Mars, and that she had been known to walk down runways on her hands and knees. She also said that Luna was unreliable, frequently failing to show up at bookings. Many fellow models and other figures in the fashion world concurred.

Luna was an acquaintance of Andy Warhol, and appeared in several films that he produced.

Luna was once engaged to Maximillian Schell, but the couple broke up before getting married.

Luna was in a relationship with Klaus Kinski in 1969, and they appeared in several photoshoots together. However, they broke up when Kinski kicked Luna's entourage out of his house in Rome for excessive drug use.

How Added - She was mentioned in an article about the history of modeling.

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