Dionisio Alcalá Galiano
Dionisio Alcala Galiano was a Spanish naval officer, explorer, and cartographer.

Full Name Dionisio Alcala Galiano
Who explorer
Birth Date October 8, 1760
Death Date October 21, 1805
Country Spain
Born Cabra, Spain
Died Cadiz, Spain (on the coast of)
Cause of Death struck by a cannonball in battle
Education The Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Navy
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Spouse María de la Consolación Villavicencio


Galiano met Alessandro Malaspina while studying astronomy in 1784, and served as hydrographer on his 1789 voyage to Patagonia. The two men were close friends and colleagues.

Galiano served under Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra in 1792.

While charting land with Cayetano Valdes y Flores around present-day Vancouver in 1792, Galiano ran into another expedition led by English explorer George Vancouver. The meeting was friendly, and Vancouver and Galiano exchanged maps and notes of exploration, though Vancouver later said that he had been "mortified" to learn how superior Galiano's maps were to his own.


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