Deming is a town in southern New Mexico. It is 33 miles from the Mexican border. The town was founded in 1881 and named "New Chicago," as the town's founders expected it to become a major railroad hub and to soon rival Chicago. However, this expectation was never realized.

Today, Deming is known for its isolation, slow way of life, surrounding desert and mountains, and Native American culture and heritage.

People Born in Deming

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Deming in People's Lives

Lottie Deno: After finally becoming a legally married couple and owning a restaurant in Silver City, Frank and I were persuaded to give up our rough and tumble lifestyle of traveling and gambling, and decided to leave the bawdy Silver City behind and move here in 1882. We made an effort to settle here permanently, and it worked. We led normal lives and even became respected, upstanding citizens of the town. We never gambled again. Frank eventually became vice president of the Deming National Bank, and I helped to found St. Luke's Episcopal Church, where I later taught Sunday school. I was known here as Charlotte Thurmond, taking Frank's last name. I died here in 1934, at the age of 89, having lived a full life that, though perhaps not regarded as righteous, had been plentiful in adventure.

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