Country Fox Farm
Delaplane is a small, unincorporated town in northern Virginia, located 50 miles west of Washington D.C.

It was founded sometime around the mid 18th Century.

Today, Delaplane is known for its rolling fields, former fox hunting country, historic estates, and number of locations on the National Registrar of Historic Places.

People Born in Delaplane


Delaplane in People's Lives

John Marshall: My family moved here in 1773, when I was 18 years old. We moved from our former home in nearby Markham, Virginia to a small estate here, which my father had been saving for over a decade to purchase. Our new farm was right next to North Cobbler Mountain, and my father had already had a house built here called Oak Hill, which was quite large for our time. The best thing about this house was my father's library, which was enormous considering that any books at all were quite rare. Our library was helped along quite a bit by my father and I's employer, Lord Fairfax. I continued a home based education in law. I moved away from my family's farm in 1775, at the age of 20, to serve in the Continental Army. When my father moved to Kentucky in 1785, he gave Oak Hill to me, and I became a landowner at the age of 30. Though I did not live there except for a few years as a young man, I kept the property and frequently added onto it and made improvements, seeing it as a continuation of my father's dream. I gave it to my son as a wedding present in 1809.

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