Debbie Reynolds is an American actress of Hollywood's Golden Age.

Full Name Mary Frances "Debbie" Reynolds
Who actress
Birth Date April 1, 1932
Death Date -
Country United States
Born El Paso, Texas, USA
Father Raymond Francis Reynolds
Mother Maxine Harmon Reynolds

Eddie Fisher

Harry Karl

Richard Hamlett

Siblings Bill Reynolds

Carrie Fisher

Todd Fisher


From early on in her career, Bing Crosby was an admirer of Reynolds, publically voicing high opinions of her.

Reynolds married Eddie Fisher in 1955. They divorced, however, when Fisher infamously left her for Elizabeth Taylor. The love triangle between the three stars caused a media scandal. Prior to that, Taylor had been a close friend of Reynolds. The two inevitabley had a falling out, but later reconciled, even doing interviews together and mocking their mutual ex.

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Looks Like - Isla Fisher

How Added - Through friend Elizabeth Taylor.

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