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Dawson City is a small town in the territory of Yukon in northwestern Canada, populated by just over 1,300 inhabitants.

It was founded in 1896, and later became the center of the Klondike Gold Rush.

Today, Dawson City is known for its remote location, natural beauty, surrounding mountains, frigid climate, and history.

People Born in Dawson City

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Dawson City in People's Lives

Jack London: After being forced to leave my studies at the University of California, Berkeley due to financial strains, I traveled here with my brother-in-law in 1897, at the age of 21, hoping to catch a piece of the Klondike Gold Rush. Though the venture itself was full of misfortunes and lacking in any gold, it did provide me with much great material for later writing. While hunting for gold, I developed scurvy, which made me lose four teeth, ate away at my hip and leg muscles, and left me with scars on my face. I lived in a cabin here and got medical treatment from a charitable priest. I returned to Oakland in 1898.