Portrait de Dante
Dante was an Italian Renaissance poet, the author of The Divine Comedy, considered to be one of the greatest literary works of all time. At the time that he wrote the book, nearly all published poetry was written in Latin. However, Dante decided to write the work in Italian, and gathered together all of the different Italian dialects, choosing the most beautiful words. Thus, he is also credited with being the single most influential creator of the modern Italian language.

Full Name Durante degli Alighieri
Who writer
Birth Date spring of 1265
Death Date September 13, 1321
Country Italy
Born Florence, Italy
Died Ravenna, Italy
Cause of Death possibly malaria
Education n/a
Father Alighiero di Bellincione
Mother Bella Abati
Spouse Gemma di Manetto Donati

Francesco Alighieri

Gaetana Alighieri


Jacopo Alighieri

Pietro Alighieri

Donata Alighieri

Giovanna Alighieri

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