Dan Single at David Jones Season Launch 2010
Dan Single is an Australian fashion designer, primarily known for being a co-founder of the cult brand Ksubi. In 2013, the Australian Securities & Investments Division put a three-year ban on Single from directing or managing any company, due to illegal procedures occurring at his company. Single chose to leave the label rather than step away from a managerial position, calling the new leadership there "a bunch of twats." He established his own fashon label, called Daan.

Full Name Dan Single
Who fashion designer
Birth Date December, 1980
Born Sydney, Australia
Country Australia
Siblings Beni Single


Single met Bambi Northwood-Blyth at a restaurant, and due to their instant attraction, they immediately began dating. The very next day, they impulsively flew to Thailand. They got engaged in January 2013, after which Northwood-Blyth revealed in interviews that the couple had been dating for 5 years. As she was 21 at the time, that meant that their relationship had started when she was 16 and Single was 28.

How Found - Through his girlfriend Bambi Northwood-Blyth, who was added via her friend Lauren Brown.

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