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Dallas is the 3rd largest city in Texas and the 9th largest in the country. 

It is prominent business hub, with the 3rd most number of Fortune 500 companies concentrated there in the nation.

People Born in Dallas

John F. Kennedy

Nick Jonas

Dallas in People's Lives

Hanna Merjos: I visited here in 2015, accompanying my boyfriend on the Warped Tour. I also began to put together a photo series of "life on the road" in polaroids.

Joe Jonas: My family moved here around 1991, when I was two years old. In 1993, when I was four years old, we moved to New Jersey, where I would grow up.

Kevin Jonas: My parents moved here around 1991, when I was four years old. My second younger brother, Nick, was born during the time that we lived here. Around 1993, when I was about six, my family moved to Wyckoff, New Jersey, where I would spend the rest of my childhood.

Nick Jonas: I was born here in 1992, the son of a musician pastor and a sign language teacher. At a young age, my family moved to Wyckoff, New Jersey, where I grew up.