Tallapoosa County Courthouse
Dadeville is a small town in eastern Alabama, populated by just over 3200 inhabitants. 

It was founded in 1837. In 1852, it was the location of the first medical school in the state of Alabama, though it closed about a decade later during the Civil War. 

People Born in Dadeville

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Dadeville in People's Lives

Sam Houston: I fought at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend here in 1814, during the War of 1812. Four months ago, I had proudly been promoted from a private to a third lieutenant. During the battle, I was wounded by a Creek arrow that struck my groin. Despite this, I had the wound bandaged, and promptly went back out to rejoin the fighting. I volunteered to accompany my friend Andrew Jackson in driving away a throng of Natives besieging our temporary forts, and during the fight was hit by bullets in my shoulder and arm. I was encouraged to return home as a disabled veteran eligable for government aid, but instead leapt at the army's offer of free surgery available in New Orleans.

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