Beautiful Drummond Castle
Crieff is a town in the area of Perth and Kinross in central-eastern Scotland, located 17 miles west of Perth

Though of unknown exact dates, settlement began here in the early Middle Ages, when Highlanders formed a cattle market here, and became a major place of business, particularly in cattle, at an enormous annual Michelmas market. By 1790, this was one of the largest sheep and cattle areas in Europe, with about ten animals per person. During these large markets, Crieff became what some call "the first Wild West town," with cowboy-like cattle drivers, horse thieves, saloons, bandits, and a fast paced lifestyle. 

Today, Crieff is known as the location of Castle Drummond and its beautiful gardens, as well as for its history, a visitor center made of glass, for having the oldest lending library in Scotland, its church, and whiskey and cattle industry.

People Born in Crieff

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Crieff in People's Lives

Liam NeesonI traveled here in 1994 to film scenes of the movie Rob Roy​. We filmed on location at Drummond Castle.

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