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Cottingley is a small town in West Yorkshire in central-northern England.

In 1917, a series of photographs were taken that showed what appeared to be children in Cottingley surrounded by tiny dancing fairies. During the 1920's, the photographs were all the rage all over the western world. Arthur Conan Doyle believed them to completely genuine, and even wrote an article about them. It was not until the early 1980's that the two children who had appeared in the photographs, now old women, admitted them to be fakes.

This incident put Cottingley, an unknown village, on the map and still makes it a popular tourist destionation today. The fairy photographs still largely define the town to this day, and much of its downtown area is populated with fairy adornments and lore. The surrounding woodlands are known as enchantingly beautiful.

People Born in Cottingley

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Cottingley in People's Lives

Tom Sturridge: I traveled here in 1996 to film scenes of the movie Fairy Tale: A True Story. I was eleven years old.

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