Cork is a city in southern Ireland, the third most-popuated city in the country.

It was founded as a monastery settlement by Finbarr of Cork in the 6th Century AD. In the 10th Century, it was a major Viking trading port.

Today, it is known for having one of the world's largest natural harbors, and for its unique blend of historic and individualistic culture and flair.

People Born in Cork

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Cork in People's Lives

Michael Collins: I moved from my small hometown of Clonakilty to this city in 1906, at the age of 15. I took the Civil Service examination and passed, after which I got a job with the Royal Mail. Not long after that, however, I decided to move to London and live with one of my older sisters. I was glad to go back to a place where I had some family.

Viktoria Tolstoy: I performed at the Cork Jazz Festival here in 2003.

William Penn: I began regularly attending Quaker meetings here in 1666, despite growing hostility toward the movement. I was arrested for this, but offered a full pardon from any charges if I agreed to denounce the Quakers and declare myself uninvolved with the movement, a courtesy extended to me due to my aristocratic birth. However, I instead did the opposite and proclaimed myself a Quaker. I was 22 years old and felt that I had discovered the passion of my life. All of this only served to cement the despair of my parents that I was a terribly misled, rebellious child.

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