Comte de St. Germain
The Comte de St. Germain was a European courtier and amateur scientist, philosopher, and artist. He was a prominent member of high society in many countries, and went by a variety of titles. His origins, birthplace, heritage and even name are mysterious, though he claimed to be the son of a Transylvanian prince - a statement that seems, in fact, likely to have been true.

Full Name unknown - Comte de St. Germain (possibly: Leopold George)
Who aristocrat
Birth Date 1691 (possible)
Death Date February 27, 1784
Country unknown
Born unknown
Died Eckernforde, Germany
Cause of Death old age
Education University of Siena
Father Francis II Rakoczi (possible)
Mother Violante Beatrice of Bavaria (possible)


St. Germain's parentage and circumstances of birth are shrouded in mystery, and are not known in terms of concrete fact. However, he claimed later in life to have been the legitimate son of Francis II Rakoczi, Prince of Transylvania, and his wife Violante Beatrice, the Duchess of Bavaria. Though St. Germain was renowned for inventing wild stories about himself and embellishing tales, this claim actually seems probable. St. Germain grew up wealthy, and recieved an aristocratic education, which would have required parents of high standing. He was also accepted by royalty all over the world and treated as an equal. When Rakoczi died, he mentioned in his will a son that was officially announced to have died at the age of 4. It is believed that St. Germain was likely that son, as there would be no sense in leaving a trust to a son that died decades ago. Historians speculate that his identity was likely concealed due to the persecution of the Habsburg lineage at the time. 

St. Germain was educated by Gian Gastone de Medici, the last of the Medici family. If his parentage is to be believed, Medici was also his uncle-in-law. 

St. Germain was an acquaintance of Horace Walpole. 

St. Germain was hired by Louis XV of France for a diplomatic mission in 1749. 

St. Germain met Giacomo Casanova several times, the first time being in Paris in 1757. Casanova was very impressed, and became an admirer. St. Germain had a deep influence on him.

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