Colonial Beach is a small town on the coastline of northeastern Virginia. Its 2.5 mile stretch of beaches is the second longest in the state, second to Virginia Beach.

It was first settled in 1650 by the great-great-grandfather of James Monroe, and was originally named "Monrovia." It became a fashionable bathing and spa town in the 19th Century.

Today, Colonial Beach is known for its quiet way of life, beaches, piers, and maritime activities.

People Born in Colonial Beach

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Colonial Beach in People's Lives

George Washington: I was born outside this town in 1732, the first son of Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. I was born at Pope's Creek Estate, which had been in my family for generations. My father was a tobacco planter who also dabbled in the iron industry. My family was comfortable and part of the moderately wealthy Virginia gentry, though far from the top of society. We owned slaves, whom I grew up with and was accustomed to. My father died in 1743, when I was 11 years old, and my half-brother Lawrence became my father figure from then on. I moved to a farm in Fredericksburg.

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