Clayton is a small town in upstate New York, close to the Canadian border.

It was first settled in 1801, and is named after John M. Clayton. Today, the town is known for its waterfront, serene boating community, and restaurants.

People Born in Clayton

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Clayton in People's Lives

Viggo Mortensen: I moved here in 1969, at the age of eleven, and was thrown into culture shock. My parents had just divorced, and I had spent nearly my entire childhood in South America, raised to speak Spanish and Dutch - but not English - and kept busy riding horses and cheering for Argentine futbol players. Now, with no internet or TV at the time, I could no longer watch my favorite team. However, I eventually adapted. I learned to speak English and French as well, being so close to the Canadian border. I found comfort in the fact that the Montreal hockey team had the same colors as my favorite Argentine futbol team, and traded my futbol loyalties for hockey. I became known, at my high school, for being the handsome but shy model student, athlete, and intellectual with an Argentine accent that, for local girls, was maddeningly mysterious. I moved away in 1976 to attend university nearby.

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