Claude Monet by Nadar
Claude Monet was a French painter, the founder of Impressionist painting, and is often considered to have been one of the greatest artists of all time. 

Full Name Oscar Claude Monet
Who painter
Birth Date November 14, 1840
Death Date December 5, 1926
Country France
Born Paris, France
Died Giverny, France
Cause of Death lung cancer
Education n/a
Father Claude Adolphe Monet
Mother Louise Justine Aubree Monet

Camille Doncieux Monet

Alice Hoschede

Siblings Leon Pascal Monet

Jean Monet

Michel Monet


As a young man, Monet met Eugene Boudin in 1856, on a beach in Normandy. Boudin became Monet's mentor, and taught him how to use oil paint. He was also influential to Monet's technique. 

Monet was a close friend of Edouard Manet.

Monet became a student of Charles Gleyre in 1862, preferring a private tutor over the traditional classes taught at art schools.

Monet met Camille Doncieux in 1865, and she was the model in numerous paintings of his. She also became his mistress, which was highly disapproved of by her family. In 1867, Doncieux gave birth to their first child. They were married in 1870, and honeymooned in London and Zaandam, the Netherlands

Monet's acquaintances included Pierre Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, John Singer Sargent, Johan Jongkind, Alfred Sisley, Frederic Bazille, Gustave Courbet, and others.

Though Monet and Edgar Degas are often considered obvious contemporaries and the essential pair of Impressionist painters, they actually never got along very well. Degas balked at being labelled as an "Impressionist painter," and Monet took personal offence at Degas' rejection of the title. There were often tensions and fights between them.

Monet was a friend of Nadar, who photographed him. Monet also painted Nadar's street and apartment.

Other friends of Monet included Georges Clemenceau.

While going through a difficult family period (both Camille and Monet's second son were seriously ill), Monet lived with his friend Ernest Hoschede and his wife Alice Hoschede, in 1877. In 1878, the formerly wealthy family went bankrupt, and Ernest left Alice behind, moving to Belgium. Monet remained close to Alice. After the death of Camille, Alice helped Monet to raise his two sons, even taking them to Paris to live with her and her six children. One of those children, Blanche Hoschede Monet, ended up later marrying Monet's eldest son Jean. Alice, her six children, and Monet's children moved into a house together in 1881. Alice remained estranged from Ernest until his death in 1891. After he passed, Monet and Alice officially married in 1892, though they had already been living together for eleven years.

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