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Chloe Sevigny is an American actress, director, fashion designer and former model. Her long list of unique independent films earned her the title "Queen of the Indies." She has been nominated for one Academy Award and one Golden Globe Award, both for her role as a supporting actress in Boys Don't Cry

Full Name Chloe Stevens Sevigny
Who actress
Birth Date November 18, 1974
Born Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Country United States
Education n/a
Father H. David Sevigny
Mother Janine Malinowski Savigny
Spouse n/a
Siblings Paul Sevigny
Children none


Sevigny knew Topher Grace when he was a child - while she herself was in high school, she used to babysit him and his younger sister.

In 1992, Sevigny modeled for the label of Kim Gordon, and this led to her soon after appearing in a music video, "Sugar Kane," by Sonic Youth (Gordon's band).

In 1993, shortly after Sevigny had moved to New York City, she was spotted by writer Jay McInerney, who was immediately struck by her fashion sense and poise. He soon became fascinated with the then 19 year old, and ended up writing a 7-page article about her for the The New Yorker, calling her the next "it girl" and famously dubbing her one of "the coolest girls in the world." The nickname stuck, and Sevigny's career took off.

In 1993, Sevigny met Harmony Korine, who was at the time an aspiring director and screenwriter in New York. She herself was 18 and in her senior year of high school. They became close friends, which led to Korine casting her in the film Kids, released in 1995. She went on to be cast in more of his movies, and they began dating in 1994. They were in a relationship for 3 years before breaking up in 1997.

Sevigny is a friend of Marc Jacobs.

In Sevigny's first film role, she was one of the main characters - in Kids, released in 1995. However, when she was originally cast, it was for a much smaller role. The studio had already decided on Mia Kirshner for the role, but once Sevigny became involved on set, they dramatically changed their mind. Just two days before production began, the role was taken from Kirshner and given instead to Sevigny.

Sevigny dated Jarvis Cocker from 1998 - 1999. During this time, Cocker was quite a big British pop star, and Sevigny recalls being horrified at how he was constantly hounded by fans and the press. She said in an interview "I saw the effect had on him, and that's when I decided I never wanted to be a celebrity at that level." 

Sevigny is a friend of Ginnifer Goodwin.

Sevigny briefly dated James Ransone in 2008.

Sevigny briefly dated Jason Segel in 2009.

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