Old Town Hall, now serving as a theatre
Chatham is a town in the county of Kent in southeastern England, on the River Medway. Its extensive dockyards are closed to modern-age maritime business in light of their historic legacy.

It was first mentioned in history at "Cetham" in 880. Centuries before that, Roman roads ran through the land that would later become this town. A Roman cemetery once existed here, as well as a Saxon manor castle, which was in the 11th Century given to Harold Godwinson by William the Conqueror.

Today, Chatham is known for its waterfront, historic dockyards, modern music background, and artistic atmosphere.

People Born in Chatham

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Chatham in People's Lives

James II of England: I participated in the Raid on the Medway, or, the Battle of Medway, here in 1667, during the Second Anglo-Dutch War. Unfortunately, the Dutch attack against our few ships in the harbour and shoreline forts was successful, and we lost quite badly. In the aftermath of the battle, I dedicated myself to repairing the coastline's fortifications.

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2008 to film scenes of the movie Sherlock Holmes. We filmed at the Chatham Docks.

Liam Neeson: I traveled here in 1985 to film scenes of the movie The Mission

Ralph Fiennes: I traveled here in 2011, to film scenes of the movie Great Expectations, in which I played the villain Magwitch.

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