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Charles Perrault was a French writer and academic, revered for founding the genre of the "fairytale." He is best known as the author of CinderellaLittle Red Riding HoodPuss in Boots, and Sleeping Beauty, among others. He was a great influence on the collected fairytales published by the Brothers Grimm over a century later. 

Full Name Charles Perrault
Who writer
Birth Date January 12, 1628
Death Date May 16, 1703
Country France
Born Paris, France
Died Paris, France
Cause of Death old age
Education n/a
Father Pierre Perrault
Mother Paquette le Clerc Perrault
Spouse Marie Guichon

Pierre Perrault

Claude Perrault

Nicolas Perrault

Francos Perrault

Jean Perrault

one sister (probable)


Charles Samuel Perrrault

Pierre Perrault d'Armancourt


In 1663, Perrault served as the secretary of the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres under Jean-Baptiste Colbert as his superior. A fellow secretary that he worked with was Jean Chapelain.

Perrault was a lover of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. In his book Memories, he said that they had had "stormy relations" while Bernini was at court in 1665. Bernini was known as an arrogant antogonizer, and Perrault's relationship with him was often strained and fraught with tension.

Perrault wrote La Peinture in 1668 in honor of Charles Le Brun.

As a member of the French court, Perrault was acquainted with King Louis XIV.

Perrault was an acquaintance and casual friend of the king's mistress, Louise de la Valliere. He wrote a piece in her honor in 1662.

Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux was a critic and enemy of Perrault, at least in regards to his writing. He mocked and heavily criticized Perrault's fairytale works.

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