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Charles Hector d'Estaing was a French general and admiral who was involved in the War of Austrian Succession, the Seven Year's War, and the American Revolutionary War. His loyalties were divided during the French Revolution, due to sympathizing with the revolutionaries but having a close friendship with the royal family. Despite attempts to remain neutral, he was guillotined in 1794.

Full Name Jean Baptiste Charles Henri Hector, Comte d'Estaing
Who Admiral of the French Royal Navy
Birth Date November 24, 1729
Death Date April 28, 1794
Country France
Born Ravel, France
Died Paris, France
Cause of Death guillotined
Education royal tutors
Father Charles-François, Marquis de Saillant
Mother Marie-Henriette Colbert de Maulevrier
Spouse Marie-Sophie Renault


d'Estaing was a descendant of Jean-Baptiste Colbert through his mother.

d'Estaing grew up with Louis, Dauphin of France, and the boys shared the same education and tutors. They remained close friends for their entire lives, and d'Estaing at one point served in the Dauphin's retinue.

d'Estaign served as aide-de-camp to Maurice de Saxe from 1746 - 1748, during the War of Austrian Succession.

d'Estaing was a friend of Louis XV, and was an influential part of helping the monarch in his plan to build a more modern army.

d'Estaing served with Thomas Arthur, Comte de Lally in 1758.

When wounded in 1758, d'Estaing met George Pigot, 1st Baron Pigot, who did his best to dissaude d'Estaing from returning to combat, recommending a release on parole. Initially, d'Estaing adamantly refused, but was eventually convinced to take a short leave.

d'Estaing had a particular disliking for John Byron, an opponent fighting for the British.

Pierre Andre de Suffren de Saint Tropez served as captain of a ship under d'Estaing during the American Revolutionary War.

During his time in Boston, d'Estaing attended church services held by Samuel Cooper.

d'Estaing testified in Marie Antoinett'es favor at her trial during the French Revolution.


Ravel, France - Born here, 1729.

Paris, France - Educated here, was here often through-out his life, was executed here in 1794.

Versailles, France - Frequently visited through-out his life.

Maastricht, the Netherlands - Fought here and was wounded here, 1748.

Cuddalore, India - Participated in a siege here, 1758.

Pondicherry, India - Visited here, 1758.

Thanjavur, India - Participated in a siege here, 1758.

Chennai, India - Fought here and was wounded, 1758. Stayed at a hospital here for six months.

Port Louis, Mauritius - Visited here, 1759.

Muscat, Oman: Commandeered a vessel here, 1759.

Bandar Abbas, Iran: Destroyed a factory here, 1759.

Natal, Indonesia: Took over a factory here, 1759.

Padang, Indonesia - Visited here, 1760.

Bengkulu, Indonesia - Visited here, 1760.

Plymouth, Devon, England, UK - Was imprisoned here, 1761.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Lived here, 1764 - 1767.

Brest, France - Lived here, 1772 - 1777.

Toulon, France - Visited here, 1778.

Newport, Rhode Island, USA - Planned an unsuccessful attack here, 1778.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Visited here

Savannah, Georgia, USA - Commanded a siege here, 1779.

Yorktown, Virginia, USA - Participated in a siege here, 1781.

Cadiz, Spain - Went on a diplomatic mission here, 1784.

How Added - Through his pastor, Samuel Cooper (minister), who was found through his friend Albert Gallatin.

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