Charles Beauclerk
Charles Beauclerk, 1st Duke of St. Albans was the illegitimate son of Charles II and his mistress Nell Gwyn. His titles and positions included Duke of St. Albans, Earl of Buford, Chief Ranger of Enfield Chace, Master of the Hawks, Captain of the Gentleman Pensioners, Gentleman of the Bedchamber, Master Falconer, Registrar of the Court of Chancery, and Knight of the Garter.

Full Name Charles Beauclerk
Who 1st Duke of St Albans
Birth Date May 8, 1670
Death Date May 10, 1726
Country England
Born England, UK
Died Bath, Somerset, England, UK
Cause of Death old age
Education -
Father Charles II of England
Mother Nell Gwyn
Spouse Diana de Vere

Charles Beauclerk, 2nd Duke of St. Albans

William Beauclerk

Vere Beauclerk, 1st Baron Vere

Henry Beauclerk

Sidney Beauclerk

George Beauclerk

James Beauclerk, Bishop of Hereford

Aubrey Beauclerk

Siblings none to survive childhood

How Added - Through his father Charles II of England.

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