By Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 1746
Catherine of Siena was a scholar, theologian and philosopher. She was made a saint in 1461 and has been one of the two patron saints of Italy, alongside Francis of Assisi, since 1866.

Full Name Caterina di Giacomo di Benincasa
Who theologian
Birth Date March 25, 1347
Death Date April 29, 1380
Country Italy
Born Siena, Italy
Died Rome, Italy
Cause of Death unknown
Father Giacomo di Benincasa
Mother Lapa Piagenti
Spouse none

Giovanna di Giacomo

Bonaventura di Giacomo

Children none


In 1376, Catherine requested an audience with Pope Gregory XI in order to convince him to return to his people in Rome. The pope did so within a year later, though what part Catherine's appeal had in this decision is still a topic of debate. It is evident, however, that he found her diplomatic skills exceptional, as he personally requested that she journey to Florence as a Roman ambassador in 1377, which ended in success.

Catherine was a supporter of Pope Urban VI, despite his dire unpopularity. He requested that she reside in his court, and she did so, spending her time arranging meetings and writing letters in attempts to convince others of his legitimacy.

Catherine was made a saint in 1461 by Pope Pius II, 81 years after her death.

How Added - Through fellow saint Francis of Assisi.

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