Carlisle is a town in southern Pennsylvania, located in the agricultural Cumberland Valley. It is sometimes considered a suburb of Harrisburg

The town was established by John Armstrong Sr. in 1751, after which the town was heavily populated with Scots-Irish colonists, who used the land for farming. The town is named after Carlisle, England. 

Today, Carlisle is known for its quaint downtown area, colonial architecture, quality of life, history, and as the location of Dickinson College.

People Born in Carlisle

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Carlisle in People's Lives

Benjamin Rush: I founded a university here, Dickinson College, in 1773.

James Buchanan: I attended university here, at Dickinson College, for two years between 1807 - 1809. I was an excellent student, but was better known for my boistrous rowdiness. At one point during my time here, I was quite nearly expelled for bad behavior, but managed to beg the dean for a second chance, which was granted. I ended up graduating with honors in 1809, and afterward moved to Lancaster to study and practice law.

Lois Lowry: After my father was deployed overseas during World War II, my mother moved us here, to her hometown, in 1942. I was five years old, and consider this to be one of the main places that I grew up, roaming my grandparent's farm. After the war ended, my father came home with stories and souvenirs from the Pacific Ocean and the Island of Tinian. A few years later, my father was stationed in Tokyo, and we moved there in 1948, when I was 11 years old.

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