Capricorn: "The Goat"

December 22nd - January 19th

Type - Earth

Positive attributes - Responsible, Ambitious, Patient, Resourceful

Negative attributes - Conceited, Dictators, Inhibited, Untrusting, Unimaginative

Capricorn is a complex sort of personality. They have a strong drive, and never stop moving, fighting, or working their way up, while at the same time being majorly inhibited by themselves. They often impose restrictions upon themselves, with positively can make them quite disciplined, or negatively can cause them to overlook opportunites and be very one-sided in their plans. They are known for complaining and never being satisfied. They are often wealthy and successful, as they know exactly how to get what they want. Capricorns may not be especially materialistic, but they are often financially savvy and money-oriented. They love to impress, and are adept at climbing the social or professional ladder. They are often very formal, to the point that they are considered stiff. This may not be a matter of letting their guard down - they are simply formal type of people. Since they are so independent and set on a planned-out course to accomplish what they want, they do not like trusting these matters to others, and find it hard to let people truly get to know them. They sometimes feel lonely. Capricorns are not creative, but rather have an organized and linear way of thinking. They are responsible and very self disciplined, at times stoic. They can be melancholy or aloof. They tend to see things in black and white. They must always be in control, and never want to feel vulnerable in any way.

current Capricorns - 40

Capricorn People

December 22 - Ralph Fiennes

December 23 - Joseph Smith

December 24 - Ava Gardner

December 25 - Isaac Newton

December 25 - Louisa Hawkins Canby

December 26 - Henry Miller

December 26 - Jared Leto

December 28 - Marie-Anne Fleury

December 28 - Sienna Miller

December 28 - Woodrow Wilson

December 29 - Alison Brie

December 29 - Jude Law

December 30 - Rudyard Kipling

January 1 - Anastasia Lin

January 3 - Cicero

January 3 - Rianne van Rompaey

January 4 - Benjamin Rush

January 5 - Bradley Cooper

January 6 - Irina Shayk

January 6 - Joan of Arc

January 7 - Gerald Durrell

January 8 - Elvis Presley

January 9 - Richard Nixon

January 10 - Rod Stewart

January 10 - Sarah Shahi

January 11 - Alexander Hamilton

January 11 - Alice Paul

January 12 - Charles Perrault

January 12 - Jack London

January 12 - John Singer Sargent

January 13 - Orlando Bloom

January 13 - Ruth Wilson

January 14 - Marc Antony

January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr.

January 17 - Benjamin Franklin

January 18 - Edmund Barton

January 18 - Nastya Kusakina

January 19 - Edgar Allen Poe

January 19 - Natassia Malthe

January 19 - Robert E. Lee

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