SUNY Canton Aerial 2011
Canton is a small town in northern New York. It was established in 1805, and named after Guangzhou, China (then known as Canton) because settlers hoped to establish a trading business between their town and China.

Today, the town is best known as the location of St. Lawrence University and for its annual Garlic Festival.

People Born in Canton

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Canton in People's Lives

Grace Potter: I attended St. Lawrence University here beginning in 2001, as a film major. I pursued my extra-carricular study of music, and began to become more and more passionate about it. I met a nice young man, a senior to my freshman status, named Matthew, and we became friends. One night in the autumn of 2002, when I performed at an open-mic night on campus, Matthew, transfixed, insisted that we start a band together. I turned him down, but he was persistant. Finally, in January of 2003, Matthew convinced me to start a band. We also began to fall in love, and became a couple. We practiced in an old barn, and were met with much approval on campus. We began to play at events and gather acclaim, and put together an album. We moved to an apartment off campus together, and practiced and recorded music there. Matthew graduated that year with honors and an English degree. We named our band "Grace Potter & the Nocturnals," and had many friends and family cheering us on. I decided to leave university in 2004, with the support of my parents and even the head of the music department at St. Lawrence. When I left, I was one year away from earning a degree. I was granted an honorary degree from St. Lawrence in 2014.

Viggo Mortensen: I attended St. Lawrence University here from 1976 - 1980. I graduated with a degree in Spanish Studies & Politics.

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