Cannes is a city in southern France, located on the French Riviera. It was established as a port and fishing village around 200 BC, then known as Αίγιθνα.

Today, Cannes is a popular vacation destination, known for its Meditteranean climate and mild winters, as a cruise destination, as the location of the annual Cannes International Film Festival, and for its riviera beauty, its history, boating, and luxury resorts.

People Born in Cannes

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Cannes in People's Lives

Henry James: I traveled here in 1960 to serve as one of the judges at the Cannes Film Festival. I got caught in a complicated romantic situation: I was at the time married to a far younger woman named Eve, but was having an affair with another young girl named Caryll. When I traveled here, I had a passionate affair with another young woman named Renate. I tried to persuade her to move back to my home in Big Sur with me, but she refused. Meanwhile, Caryll traveled here to be with me, but found me in love with Renate. After leaving, I continued writing love letters to Renate, even traveling back here again in 1961 to attempt to persuade her to move back to America with me. Again, she refused. In the end, all of this caused me to lose Eve, Caryll, and Renate.

Ziyi Zhang: I traveled here in 2003 for the Cannes Film Festival.

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